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Skin Care technology is booming with the latest discovery which involves using the skin stem cell technology. Skin stem cells are the vital criteria towards restoring and producing new and healthy skin cells. As a matter of fact skin stem cells are limited in expectancy and as you age they get less active and reduce in production. This proves to be one of the primary causes that result to skin aging. Moreover as the process of aging catches up, the production towards the generation of new skin cells is slowed down this also includes depletion of the key barrier lipids. Hence the skin is prone to environmental stress which easily gets affected by cold and harsh UV rays of the sun. As you are well aware that the harsh rays of the sun has a direct impact on the skin and gets dry, which accelerates the process of aging.

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Here’s introducing the new discovery which is based on the Skin Stem Cell Technology called Cellogica. Cellogica is designed and created using the latest stem cell technology, which is derived from strains of a Rare Swill Apple (Malus Domestica) and Alpine Rose (Rhododendron Ferrugineum). This combination creates a powerful formula which helps towards regeneration of new skin stem cells and enhances the skin barriers functions. Cellogica Skin Cream helps to protect and repair the skin and also defies the signs of chronological aging, which leaves your skin fresh, healthy and vibrant.

How Does Cellogica Work?

Cellogica is formulated using a unique blend of ingredients which are divided to create 2 products namely: Cellogica day cream and Cellogica night cream. Cellogica day cream is designed and created in such a way that the cream feels non greasy and less heavy. The best time of application is to a clean face before you apply any make up. Cellogica day cream helps to retain the skin moisture and it is also responsible to protect the skin against various environmental conditions which are the primary cause to skin aging. Cellogica day cream is also responsible to prevent damages that are caused due to movement of free radicals. The Rona-Flair present in Cellogica helps to fill up visible fine lines and hence reduces the appearance of these lines drastically. Cellogica day cream helps to protect and enhance the quality of your skin.

Cellogica Skin Care

On the other hand Cellogica night cream place of vital role of skin strength training. Just like your human body, the skin works the best during night hours and helps towards repairing, restoring and regenerating skin cells during sleep hours at night. It helps the skin towards moisture recovery. The unique blend of powerful ingredients that create Cellogica night cream helps to penetrate over the course for several hours. Moreover, the night cream also contains the highest concentration of anti aging compounds which has proved its worth of being highly beneficial towards skin care especially with regards to restoration and repairing the skin.

Benefits Of Cellogica:

  • Keeps the skin well hydrated and revitalized at all times and protects the skin against the harsh UV rays.
  • Gets rid off blemishes, blotches and freckles.
  • Tightens the skin. Hence the skin feels toned and lifted.
  • Reduces wrinkles and visible fine lines.

There is a growing demand for another anti aging product called Rapid Repair Eye Serum. It has similar benefits just as Cellogica. For faster benefits and results it is advisable to make use of Cellogica and Rapid Repair Eye Serum together.

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21 Responses to Cellogica Skin Cream – Clinical Skin Care

  1. Great results is a huge bonus. I didn’t have any irritation at all and sometimes my skin can be on the sensitive side.

  2. My skin has been damaged by sun and acne scars, so I bought Cellogica Serum. My skin feels hydrated and looks smoother than before using it.

  3. Definitely, believe this has helped with my fine lines and skin texture. Will continue to use this as a daily staple to look younger

  4. I love this product and will be ordering more when I need to. It smells great, even my puppy thinks so since he tries to puppy lick me everytime I put it on. I have sensitive skin and have problems with a lot of face lotions/cremes. I did not have any problem with this product and have been using it everyday for over a week now. I will continue to use this product.

  5. This product has helped me so much in keeping the fine lines at bay and to help with the overall tone of my skin.

  6. The actual product was surrounded in foam padding so it was not harmed during shipping. The quality of the packaging and the bottle itself was impressive. The very night I received it, I used some. It came out as a white, lotion-y consistency cream. I liked this because it didn’t feel like I was caking something on my face before bed and I felt like it would allow my skin to still breathe.
    I applied just a little dab and it covered all the areas I wanted to (I put it just under my eyes, on the side of my eyes, and my forehead). The product absorbed quickly and it felt like I didn’t have anything on. After a few days, though, I started breaking out just a little bit. Like I said before, I don’t use products often. I adjusted the use of it (I only applied it every couple of days) and it solved the problem. I had no more breakouts and I still love the product.

  7. The bottle is sturdy and I found that the pump dispensed a generous amount of product. This is one of those products that clearly state a little is meant to go a long way and I see that it does. The cream absorbs right into the skin and the fear of the heavy, white moisturizer sitting on top of my skin is gone.

  8. I’ve been using this product for 4 days now, and I must say I’m already loving it for the following reasons:

    – it goes on very smooth, without any tacky or greasy feel. It soaks in and is absorbed and does not sit on the skin. Most creams I’ve tried either give the shiny oily look or the glass serum look.
    – it does not have any fragrance, which I like because strong scents sometimes can be a bit too strong, especially if the cream is sitting right under your nose
    – it has simple and natural ingredients!!

  9. I have been using this cream for several days. The first thing I noticed is that there is no fragrance. Second, the texture is somewhere between a serum and a cream. It is not a heavy cream like I am used to. I use this twice a day, it’s great for mornings since it is so lightweight. After applying my skin feels very soft and smooth, but obviously it is too early to say if it is helping in the anti aging department. That being said, I rub my hands together after applying to my face and neck. My hands are so dry from washing and colder weather they bleed. My hands have healed SIGNIFICANTLY since using this cream. I have tried so many hand lotions and nothing did what this did as fast. After seeing what it has done for my hands I can only imagine what it will do for my face after long term use.

  10. I have sensitive, irritation-prone skin and this cream does not cause irritation or break outs for me and also does not leave a greasy film on my face after applying. When applying it does sting a small bit, but goes away quickly and seems to be helping my skin have a more smooth texture, but I have not seen much with the decreasing of wrinkles, however I have only been using the product for a week, so the results may appear with consistent use. I would recommend this cream because it doesn’t have a lot of harsh chemicals – a win for this sensitive skin!

  11. Was looking for a good night cream and got the opportunity to try out this night cream and I love the way bit makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It quickly absorbs into my skin which I love cos it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, softens my skin, restores its elasticity and tightens your pores during the course of the night. It has a nice consistency and it’s not runny like some and when I wake up the next morning, I love how my skin feels and looks. You will love this night cream.

  12. My skin is pretty bad and I’m getting older, like ya do, so I’m always on the hunt for a product to improve it. You know the problem areas: eye bags, crows feet, jowl flab — and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a vain guy. I want to look my best always! Although skeptical by nature and more or less convinced that most miracle topical restoratives are scams, for the most part I’ve been lucky with my cosmetic choices. And the creams that friends have recommended to me have really helped me immensely in the past. When my friends told me about this solution, I decided to take their advice and try it out having heard nothing but good things about Cellogica. I am very happy with this. The bottle is attractive, gives an extremely professional presentation. The labeling is clear and informative. It’s full of great stuff too … No wonder I’m really enjoying it! The serum itself feels smooth and refreshing. My family tells me it smells very nice (as I have no sense of smell). More impressively, I began to see results right away — my skin looks clear, almost radiant. You don’t need to use a great deal to see improvements either. I highly recommend!

  13. I’ve always had oily/combination skin but lately it’s been drying out a bit and I was using creams which made me break out. My dermatologist recommended things that broke me out and smelled so bad I couldn’t even use them. This product is awsome It smells wonderful, it’s lightweight and soaks in right away, it doesn’t break me out, but it moisturizes beautifully.I’m glade that i got to try this product.

  14. I wash my face first before applying this cream every night ! It’s very creamy and feels so good going on my face. It really helps my skin to stay very hydrated smooth and moisturize. My skin is very sensitive and this product works excellent it won’t irritated at all. I found out the best result on my face you can use any of your favorite serum first before applying this cream. I definitely will purchase this cream again.

  15. I have always had a hard time finding a cream for my oily skin. And now that I am older a new challenge has been added, I need something that also fights wrinkles. I came across this product couple of weeks ago. And so far, am happy with the results. It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly. My skin is smoother & more radiant. And this cream has not made my skin too oily. The overall appearance of my face have improved. I think the longer I keep using this product more results will appear. I can see a small difference in the fine lines around my eyes, but I have not been using it long enough to see a huge difference.

  16. This product works well on my face, neck and hands. It goes on smoothly. Doesn’t leave residue or grease on the surface. I have been using it for a few months and the outcome is positive. Recently, I had to purchase a few extra jars because my daughters were stealing from my stash. LOL. Would definitely recommend this cream to others.

  17. Have been using cellogica for a week.. I have super sensitive skin, especially around my eyes, and many products that I previously used caused irritation.Cellogica is awesome! It has day & night cream both have very soothing and cooling effect on my skin and the area under my eyes looks moisturized and firmer. vl keep using this product to get more positive results.

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